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Luxury Manicure Course



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Manicure (+Luxury treatments) Course

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Manicure (+Luxury treatments) Course Information

File and buff your clients nails with the 1 day course, not only will you learn the art of completing a full manicure but be able to offer your clients to luxury of a paraffin wax, hand & arm massage, hand mask and oil treatment !..Learn More
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On this 1 day FULLY ACCREDITED training course you will learn how to complete a full manicure treatment to glam up those nails as well as some luxury treatments to really relax and pamper a client. This course will show you how to do a paraffin wax, hot oil, hand mask and massage treatment.

• Health & Safety
• Employment standards
• Theory knowledge - covering products, equipment, & brands
• Nail analysis
• Consultation
• Client preparation
• Practical
• Luxury treatments - paraffin wax, hot oil, heated mitts
• Aftercare
• Q&A's

TOP TIPS - Students usually work on each other. Please be prepared to give and receive a treatment. All extensions, overlays and polish MUST be removed prior to attendance, failure to do this will result in not being accepted on the course and loss of course fees.
We run unbranded courses which means you can go on to use your choice or products!


Course Information

Course Length: 1 Day
Qualification SurePass Beauty Diploma
Course Accredited By ABT - Associated Beauty Therapists
Entry Requirements: No previous experience is required to attend this course
Model Requirements: No: Students work on each other
Kit Included: Products & equipment will be available to use on the day

Customer Reviews

Review by Lori Othen
Course Rating
Great Class! Had loads of fun and gained enough confidence to go and do a manicure for money. Best tutor ever! Thank you Amanda :-) (Posted on 22/09/2017)
Review by Stacey Hemming
Course Rating
Wonderful course that covered everything we needed to know. Amanda demonstrated and gave plenty of time for us to follow. Looking forward to practising these treatments. (Posted on 22/09/2017)
Review by Florinda Soares
Course Rating
Really good and enjoyed, Thank you so much Amanda. (Posted on 22/09/2017)
Review by Anne-Marie Campling
Course Rating
Really good, very informative, feel very confident. (Posted on 21/09/2017)
Review by Makailyn Crenshaw
Course Rating
Helped me practice and was always very helpful. (Posted on 14/08/2017)
Review by Rebecca Damant
Course Rating
A lovely course which includes getting pampered by other students. My hands are so soft and smell amazing! (Posted on 14/08/2017)
Review by Iuliana Hariton
Course Rating
Excellent course. Learnt so much and the time flew by. Amazing course (Posted on 30/05/2017)
Review by Anon
Course Rating
Amanda was very thorough and professional for the duration of the course, lots learnt, very enjoyable. (Posted on 15/05/2017)
Review by Helene Jackman
Course Rating
Very helpful and gave a lot of general information too that will be of great use in the future. (Posted on 15/05/2017)
Review by Tacey Newson
Course Rating
Fantasic course, thank you! (Posted on 15/05/2017)
Review by Amanda
Course Rating
excellent, very friendly and intimate. (Posted on 10/04/2017)
Review by Steph Donaldson
Course Rating
Fantastic course, friendly, personal, Amanda is brilliant, very professional and fun. A lot of fun was had whilst gaining a qualification. (Posted on 10/04/2017)
Review by Sian Naunton
Course Rating
Brilliant. Thankyou :) (Posted on 09/03/2017)
Review by Lucy Todd
Course Rating
Fabulous :) (Posted on 09/03/2017)
Review by Louisa Cook
Course Rating
Very friendly + laid back atmosphere. Learned loads and was made to feel very welcome! (Posted on 09/03/2017)
Review by Vickie Lee
Course Rating
I have learnt a lot on this course and i am looking forward to doing the next course on the complete nail tech. (Posted on 13/02/2017)
Review by Sophia Woods
Course Rating
Loved the course, learnt so much.
Amanda was lovely. Can't wait to do the rest of my courses. (Posted on 01/02/2017)
Review by Diana
Course Rating
Lovely day. (Posted on 01/02/2017)
Review by Sylvia Kiraga
Course Rating
Lovely atmosphere, enjoyed every hour. (Posted on 01/02/2017)
Review by Nicola Brown
Course Rating
Very enjoyable day. Very helpful. (Posted on 03/01/2017)
Review by Megan Herring
Course Rating
Amazing course, loved it. (Posted on 03/01/2017)
Review by Anon
Course Rating
Very interesting , explained every point of the course. would come again if I ever took another course. (Posted on 03/01/2017)
Review by Tracey Taylor
Course Rating
Very good, friendly and helpful. (Posted on 03/01/2017)
Review by Nicola Grogan
Course Rating
Danielle is a fab tutor. Made me feel at ease. Easy to learn and follow teaching. Will be back on Wednesday and in the new year, Fab company. (Posted on 03/01/2017)
Review by Anon
Course Rating
Very informative course, really enjoyed it. The tutor was very nice and helpful. Would highly recommend. (Posted on 03/01/2017)
Review by Anon
Course Rating
Brilliant course. Danielle is very good and easy to understand. (Posted on 03/01/2017)
Review by Holly Stevenson
Course Rating
Great day. Lots of information. Danielle was a fab and kind tutor. (Posted on 03/01/2017)
Review by Anon
Course Rating
very good. I feel more comfortable with my skills. Made to feel very welcome. Thank you. (Posted on 03/01/2017)
Review by Charlotte Ennis
Course Rating
Excellent tuition from Danielle :) Thank-you (Posted on 08/11/2016)
Review by Karen Elyard
Course Rating
Friendly and informative, relaxing atmosphere. (Posted on 08/11/2016)
Review by Sarah Elwin
Course Rating
Really enjoyed taking part in this course, I cant wait to learn even more! (Posted on 08/11/2016)
Review by Jaqueline Silva
Course Rating
I very much liked this course, I learned a lot. Thanks Danielle. (Posted on 08/11/2016)
Review by Lesley Copping
Course Rating
Everything explained so it was easy to understand, thanks very happy x (Posted on 30/09/2016)
Review by Kirsty Hartgrove
Course Rating
Fantastic, really enjoyed it. Relaxed atmosphere, and informative! Thank you! (Posted on 30/09/2016)
Review by Kara Southall
Course Rating
Very good, thankyou! (Posted on 30/09/2016)
Review by Naz Richmond-Shaw
Course Rating
Very Good - really informative. Amanda is a fab tutor. (Posted on 12/08/2016)
Review by Shamaila Ashraf
Course Rating
It was a good experience to undertake all this learning, I enjoyed my course. (Posted on 12/08/2016)
Review by Rehana Ahmad
Course Rating
Its a good course. Learned alot! (Posted on 12/08/2016)
Review by Jasmine Newman-Sanders
Course Rating
Very informative! (Posted on 12/08/2016)
Review by Sarah Jackson
Course Rating
Fantastic, confident, very knowledgeable, would recommend. (Posted on 09/06/2016)
Review by Nicole Turner
Course Rating
Very informative. Fantastic tutor. Great for beginners. (Posted on 09/06/2016)
Review by Toni Christmas
Course Rating
Fantastic course. Amanda is brilliant, i feel confident in doing a manicure now! (Posted on 09/06/2016)
Review by sharon Kidd
Course Rating
Great course, very enjoyable, I had a fab day and learnt a lot. Amanda is a great tutor and very knowledgable. (Posted on 09/06/2016)
Review by Lisa Stacey
Course Rating
Fantastic course!
I had a great day and learnt so much. Amanda was brilliant and it has been so relaxing, cant wait to come back for the next stage!
Thank you. (Posted on 09/06/2016)
Review by Amelia Rouse
Course Rating
I felt very comfotable coming here for the first time. Amanda gave us proper introduction to the course which was good and i enjoyed the day so much.
I cant wait to complete the course and learn the other sections. (Posted on 14/04/2016)
Review by Claire Richeda
Course Rating
Amanda made me feel very comfotable and welcome. Course was a lovely introduction into nail care.
I am looking forward to the next four days.
Thank you for all i have learnt. (Posted on 14/04/2016)
Review by Alisha Grimes
Course Rating
Great general advice and easy to learn method, loved it! (Posted on 29/03/2016)
Review by Debbie Banbrick
Course Rating
Fun day (Posted on 29/03/2016)
Review by Lorraine Hickleton
Course Rating
Really great enjoyed every minute and learnt so much. Excellent training. (Posted on 29/03/2016)
Review by Fay Emery
Course Rating
Very informative and helpful training. Very relaxed enviroment, cant wait for pedicure next. (Posted on 29/03/2016)
Review by Michelle Rowe
Course Rating
Brilliant day, everything was easy to understand, Thanks (Posted on 03/03/2016)
Review by Katie Holley
Course Rating
Absolutley fantastic, extremely informative. Thoroughly enjoyed my day. (Posted on 03/03/2016)
Review by Zoe Shanahan
Course Rating
Found out eveything i needed to know and more . (Posted on 19/11/2015)
Review by Cathryn Pell
Course Rating
Very relaxed and informative, I was made to feel at ease.
Would highly recommend. (Posted on 19/11/2015)
Review by Claire Dix
Course Rating
Really informative course! thoroughly enjoyed learning everything to do with manicure!! Thank you. (Posted on 05/11/2015)
Review by Kate Reeve
Course Rating
Very informative, good balance of theory and practical, good advice on products. (Posted on 05/11/2015)
Review by Jill Cuff
Course Rating
Excellent course, well paced with plenty of time to practice new skills. (Posted on 05/11/2015)
Review by sarah Daniels
Course Rating
Realy good and enjoyed the course. Brilliant teacher ( Julie) Learnt alot. (Posted on 05/11/2015)
Review by Kellen Olivieira
Course Rating
Very nice course. (Posted on 05/11/2015)
Review by Bonnie Birch
Course Rating
Really fun and relaxed course, as a beginner it was excellent and easy to learn. (Posted on 05/11/2015)
Review by Tricia Doughty
Course Rating
Very interesting, good balance of therapy and practical.
Would recommend to freinds. (Posted on 05/11/2015)
Review by Amal Aldarwest
Course Rating
The course was really enjoyable and everything was great and went smoothly.
Amanda was a great teacher.Thank you very much.
Im thinking of coming back for another course. (Posted on 21/10/2015)
Review by Gresiana
Course Rating
. (Posted on 21/10/2015)
Review by Joanne Dormer
Course Rating
Brilliant Great teacher, Very helpful. (Posted on 21/10/2015)
Review by Marie Basden
Course Rating
Very informative, learnt a lotin one day.
Also enjoyable Thank you! (Posted on 21/10/2015)
Review by Anonymos
Course Rating
Really good. (Posted on 21/10/2015)
Review by Anonymos
Course Rating
Very good, learnt alot, I loved the one to one . (Posted on 21/09/2015)
Review by Heidi
Course Rating
Bit of a warm room but really enjoyed the course, Instructions clear, very relaxed enviroment, lovely team. (Posted on 13/08/2015)
Review by Diana Klenovskaja
Course Rating
I had complete nail technichion course on the 6th july, Im so Happy to have this course,very nice teacher Danielle, she was very polite and patient with us. she taught us a lot. I feel very comfortable with this course and i cant wait for another course,,, Thanks a lot! (Posted on 13/07/2015)
Review by Archana Mishra
Course Rating
Had very nice time as well as educative, Tutor Danielle is such a nice person and very friendly teacher. Looking forward for nice time coming again. (Posted on 13/07/2015)
Review by Laura Darvill
Course Rating
Lovely day learnt lots, feel confident to go out and do luxury manicures now.
I cant wait to practice on all my freinds!! (Posted on 08/06/2015)
Review by Rebecca Cooper
Course Rating
Very friendly and relaxed course ,the course was very thorough.
I feel confident to do manicures on clients. (Posted on 08/06/2015)
Review by Ayesha
Course Rating
Good instructions very well done (Posted on 18/05/2015)
Review by Kylie Mctoggart
Course Rating
Brilliant course coverd everything i wanted to know about, lovely tutor will be booking in another course soon. (Posted on 18/05/2015)
Review by Lindsey Gooda
Course Rating
Fantastic day, very informative a very steady and full packed day. (Posted on 18/05/2015)
Review by Zana
Course Rating
Improved my skills, Freindly tutor. (Posted on 18/05/2015)
Review by anonymous
Course Rating
Ive learnt a lot of new stuff, inproved my skills,
freindly tutor (Posted on 18/05/2015)
Review by Charlene Gard
Course Rating
Made to feel welcome, enjoyed coming for my course today, will come again. Thank you (Posted on 22/01/2015)
Review by Laura Woolston
Course Rating
Really enjoyed the course. Jo was very helpful and patient (Posted on 22/01/2015)
Review by Julie Walker
Course Rating
And this treatment is lush. Can't wait to get started on clients. (Posted on 23/11/2014)
Review by Lynsey Miller
Course Rating
Very good day ! Interesting and informative course. Plenty of knowledge & confidence gained today. Very impressed with being given business advice and tips too !
Thank you Jo. (Posted on 23/11/2014)
Review by Aimee Linehan
Course Rating
Thanks for all your help teaching me as a one to one. Really helped pick everything up quickly (Posted on 09/11/2014)
Review by Jade Ward
Course Rating
Informative and a relaxed environment, will recommend to friends and family.
Cant wait for my next course. I will be back for more courses. (Posted on 14/08/2014)
Review by Dale Pope
Course Rating
Very relaxed atmosphere , a lot learnt in one day but very happy with what I have achieved to do and learnt to take away with me to improve and eventually work on my own clients. I would highly recommend Surepass Beauty Academy to any body willing to learn (Posted on 14/08/2014)
Review by Tanya Pumpr
Course Rating
Feel very confident that once I leave I can do manicures on the public. Looking forward to the next course ! (Posted on 15/07/2014)
Review by Jade Wilce
Course Rating
Tutor was great & very patient and informative. Ours was a small group, which was lovely and gave us more time for practice. Look forward to the other courses I have already booked. (Posted on 15/07/2014)
Review by Vicky Crichton
Course Rating
Was shown all different nail painting techniques and luxury treatments. (Posted on 06/07/2014)
Review by Harriett Hutcheon
Course Rating
Enjoyed learning different techniques and using different products. Cant wait to come back. Thanks! (Posted on 06/07/2014)
Review by Leigh-Anne Roberts
Course Rating
Learned even more than I hoped ! Very enjoyable !
Thanks again !
My hand and nails look and feel great and I cant wait to get started ! (Posted on 27/06/2014)
Review by Sarah Kelly
Course Rating
Was really unsure on this course, not the best with nails. However leaving this course confident with varnishes and lacquer and even looking forward to cuticle removing ! (Posted on 27/06/2014)
Review by Zoe Callaghan-Bates
Course Rating
Really enjoyed it .. all information was relevant (Posted on 27/06/2014)
Review by Zoe Cowan
Course Rating
I have attended several of courses. Each one i cant recommended highly enough, excellent teaching, and great theory manuals making it easy to understand and study. I find the flexible hours very accommodating to fit in with my busy life and 3 young children. In particular the offer of 1:1 training if you cant make a specific date is a great advantage. The staff are extremely friendly and approachable. if you need any guidenance after the course its a great peace of mind knowing that surepass are just on the other end of the phone to offer advice. Looking forward to doing other courses with surepass xxxx Regards (Posted on 13/08/2013)

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