Frequently asked Questions

* Question: What is the minimum age to attend a course?

# Answer: The minimum age for attending a course is 16.  Age 18 for aesthetics and permanent makeup courses.


* Question: I have a course booked, what time do I need to arrive?

# Answer: Please check your booking confirmation as this may vary.

1 Day courses typically start at 10 am, you are required to arrive for 9.45 am enrolment.  ½ Day courses start at either 10 am, enrolment at 9.45 am or 2.00 pm, enrolment at 1.45 pm.


* Question: After completing a course with SurePass will I be professionally trained and able to work on clients?

# Answer: YES! When you complete a course with SurePass you will be professionally trained, this means you can apply for insurance to then go on to work. All of our courses are professionally recognized.  Remember with all new skills, it takes time, patience and lots of practice to become fully confident and competent so line those friends and family members up to get practicing on.


* Question: Do I need insurance during or after the course?

# Answer: YES! You are required to have insurance in place ready for when you take part in training as you may well be working on live models depending on the course you are on.


* Question: Can I pay in Instalments?

Answer: YES! Take a look at our payment options at checkout.


* Question: How long do I have to complete a course that requires home study?

Answer: You have 6 months to complete most of our courses (3 months in some instances – please ask). We give you a good amount of time to complete, after this time you would need to attend a new course.


* Question: It’s been longer than 6 months since my training, is it too late to send my coursework?

Answer: We allow every student 6 months which we feel is ample time to complete the required case studies if left any longer a student would need to be retrained to ensure they are fresh with knowledge and training.  We cant not accept coursework beyond these terms.


* Question:  What happens if I arrive late for my course?

# Answer: If you arrive later than 30 minutes on your training day you will not be able to enrol in that course.  You will be required to rebook onto another course with additional payment.  See terms & conditions. Every part of the training is vital to ensure you have the knowledge you need to master your new skill.  Missing any part of a training session can have an impact on vital areas of learning as well as disrupt other members of the training.   We ask that you always leave plenty of time to arrive for enrolment at 9.45 am.


* Question: How long do I have to complete an NVQ Beauty course that requires home study?

# Answer: You have 18 months to complete our NVQ Beauty courses. We give you a good amount of time to complete your course.  (Students have 18MONTHS to fully complete the qualification, this includes training days, coursework and assessments.


* Question:  I purchased a gift voucher, how long do I have until it expires?

# Answer: You have 12 months from when you purchase your gift vouchers to use them – the date is always shown on the voucher too!


* Question:  I’ve lost my certificate can I have a duplicate?

# Answer: Yes, we are happy to send duplicate certificates for a small fee per certificate.


* Question: What if I fail?

# Answer: We pride ourselves in a 100% pass rate, we will offer you full learning support throughout your training until you complete (PASS!). Our aim is to teach you well enough to a level of competency required to gain insurance as well as ensuring you are confident in your new skill.


* Question:  What do I wear for my training course?

# Answer: If you have a salon tunic please wear it, alternatively a black top and trousers will suffice.  NO JEANS/DENIM.  Closed-toe shoes – no flip flops.


* Question: Can I rebook a date or change my course?

# Answer: Courses are non-refundable and non-transferable.   Please see the terms and conditions (cancellation policy) listed on our website.  Your payment is paid to secure your place on a course so no one else can then book, it also secures the tutor to teach the course too.


* Question: What if SurePass cancels my course?

Answer:  We at SurePass will do our best to make a course go ahead even with min numbers, we will aim to find you a model or invite you to bring a model.  If for any reason the training needs to be cancelled, we will do our best to accommodate you on the next available course.


* Question:   The course price has changed; do I pay the newly advertised price?

Answer:     No, the price at the time of booking is the price you will pay.  Prices are subject to change at any given time.


* Question:   Are your courses brand specific?

Answer:     No, the great part of our training is that we are not brand specific, which means when you complete your training you can choose the brand you want to use on your clients!


* Question:   I have completed the course but don’t feel confident, can I retake the course?

Answer:     We will support you throughout your training.  If your tutor for your session feels you need it, additional support will be discussed.  If you feel you need to retake a course, this can be done within 3 calendar months of your course being attended at no additional cost.   Full course costs apply after 3 calendar months have passed.


* Question: I am male, can I attend a course?

Answer: Yes, we welcome males and females.  Please contact us first before booking as you may need to bring a female model to work on during your course.



* Question:  Do you offer a payment plan?

Answer: Yes, take a look at the payment options at checkout.


* Question: How long do I have to complete the Beauty Therapy NVQ?

Answer: You have 18 months from the moment you enrol to complete your full NVQ including coursework and exams.  Coursework and exams cannot be undertaken after this time.


* Question: I have completed my coursework, how long will it take to be marked?

Answer: To ensure your work can be marked to a high standard please allow up to 30 days for it to be marked and an outcome provided.


* Question: What happens if I fail my written exam/assessment?

Answer: VTCT allows 3 attempts at an exam paper (after which point a new paper is provided for the resit).  If you fail your first assessment, we will offer you your first resit completely FREE of charge!  Should you require a 3rd attempt at an exam, this will incur a £50 fee, irrelevant of the number of papers you need to sit.


* Question: What happens if I fail a practical assessment?

Answer: Typically, in the NVQ Beauty, Nail and Holistic courses you require 3 practical assessment days to cover all the criteria required in the assessment.  You are able to redo practical assessment/s should you not pass the first time; the minimum cost is £150 per day, irrelevant of the number of practical assessments completed on the day; this is payable on booking the assessment. You may require more than 1-day resit depending on the number of assessments that need to be covered.

What is the minimum age to attend a course?

The minimum age for attending a course is 16.  Age 18 for aesthetics and permanent makeup courses.