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Take your spa to the next level with our Body Wrap Course. In just one day, learn how to do body wraps that will leave clients asking for more. We’ll teach you how to use different materials like mud and clay for detoxification, skin tightening, and relaxation. You will get hands-on experience, expert advice, and a professional certificate.

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About the Body Wraps Course


Get your beauty business’s offerings in shape with our luxe body wrap treatment course. This comprehensive one-day training is perfect for spas and salons looking to boost client satisfaction and add a touch of indulgence to their service range. Whether your clients are looking to detox, tone, moisturise or just relax — this course will teach you how.
Course Overview

In this intensive one-day workshop we’ll teach you everything from talking to clients about what they want to wrapping them up in the right product for their skin type. Body wraps aren’t exactly new to the spa scene but did you know they have detoxifying properties too? And, that they can be offered with or without shower facilities? During this course, we’ll spill all the secrets.


What Skills will you Gain??

  • Client Consultation: Master how to conduct in depth client consultations so you can really get down to what they’re looking for and expecting.
  • Skin Analysis: Learn how to accurately analyse skin so that you can spot any conditions that may be relevant when choosing a body wrap.
  • Choosing Products: Delve into the selection process of various types of wraps like clay, chocolate, mud and inch-loss wraps. We’ll show you how to choose correctly depending on a client’s specific requirements.
  • Application Techniques: Find out exactly how to apply body wraps step-by-step for an effective outcome.
  • Creating a Luxurious Experience: Discover ways of making your client feel lavish even if your spa isn’t equipped with all the bells and whistles.
  • Aftercare Advice: Give clients useful advice on aftercare that will extend the benefits of their body wrap treatment.


Practical Training

We provide all necessary tools and equipment needed on the day so there’s no need for frantic packing before you leave home. Once we’ve gone through everything in theory, it’s time for some hands-on practice where you’ll be using high-quality products which are effective and kind to your client’s skin. This part of the course is designed to build your confidence and make you proficient in providing professional body wrap services.


Support and Certification

Once the course is completed, you’ll be rewarded with a certificate that confirms your expertise in body wrap treatments. This accreditation not only attests to your professional achievement but will also boost your credibility within the beauty industry. We’re committed to supporting our students even after training too, so our tutors are available seven days a week to offer guidance and answer any questions you may have.


Why Choose This Course?

By adding body wrap treatments to your service list you can see a significant improvement in business as more clients will be attracted to their wellness and skincare properties compared to other purely aesthetic treatments. Body wraps are perfect for clients who want relaxation paired with visible skin improvements.

Expand Your Service Range: Offer a popular treatment that appeals to clients interested in both beauty and wellness.
Increase Client Satisfaction: Give them what they didn’t know they needed! A relaxing treatment that actually benefits them too!
Enhance Your Skills: Learn something new that’ll spice up your portfolio and make you stand out from the crowd.


Enrol Today

Don’t let the chance slip away. If you’ve spent years working in the industry or are just starting out, our Body Wrap Course is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their skills. Enroll today and start offering this unique service so your clients can feel their best.

The beauty industry never stops changing. Just when you think there’s nothing else to learn, something always comes along! But instead of looking at it as a hassle, take it as an opportunity to make your services that much better. Keeping up with new treatments like body wraps keeps things fresh and will help bring in more clients if they see you’re “in the know.” We’ll make sure you can offer any new treatment that comes out, so don’t miss out!


We Adapt With You

Many therapists have a variety of settings they work in, which we totally understand! So we made this course as versatile as possible. No matter where you are or what type of facilities you have access to, we’ll show you how to customize your work without taking away from its luxury. That way, no matter where these skills take you next, people will want them too.


Advanced Techniques

You won’t just get taught the basics for body wraps in our course — we go above and beyond the average class. We’ll teach many advanced techniques that will put your treatments ahead of anyone else’s in town. Some people come for detoxing and others come for smoother skin — each person has different goals. But no matter what their aim is, we’ll teach you how to deliver exactly what they need.


Marketing Your New Skills

After you’ve mastered body wraps and feel like a pro, it’s important to know how to talk about them effectively. We’ll show you how to integrate them into your existing marketing efforts and give you some ideas on how to promote the service. Soon enough, clients will be begging for a treatment!


Investing In Success

If you’re trying to make it in this industry, taking professional development courses like ours is a must-do. A lot of clients come in searching for therapists who offer something besides just a boring massage, so having an array of skills can really improve client retention. Not only that, but being known as someone who offers all kinds of specialized skill sets will make people more likely to book with you in the first place.


Course Completion and Certification

When you unlock the achievement of completing our course, we’ll give you a certificate. These little pieces of paper aren’t just for show though. Trust me on this one: they look great displayed on your wall and can also help you to attract new customers who trust in your abilities and know that they’re doing business with someone who cares about their career.


Let’s Get Started

We knew we’d get here! You’ve had your eye on one of our courses for a while but never took the plunge. The next training session is coming up soon and if you don’t reserve your spot now I have a feeling it might be full by the time you decide to go after it. If you have any questions or need more information before signing up, please reach out! We’re here for anything at all that might help expand your capabilities in the ever-growing beauty industry.


The History of Body Wraps

Body wraps are a common service provided at spas today, but do people even know where it comes from? This treatment has been around forever, changing and improving while still providing the same benefits: detoxification, skin nourishment, relaxation.

Practice makes perfect: Egyptians were among the first known civilization to use body wraps as part of their beauty routines. They would create muds, clays, and herbal mixtures believed to detoxify the skin and boosts collagen production — which keeps us looking young! Ancient Greeks and Romans did this too except they used different materials for both cosmetic and medicinal purposes.

Far from Home: Tribes from different parts of the world had their own versions of body wraps as well. Native Americans would apply Earth’s blendings such as muds or clays mixed with herbs to heal wounds caused by sunlight exposure while Indians and Middle Easterners like them… yellow. Turmeric-honey masks were commonly applied to sooth inflammation.

Spa Level Treatments: In 19th century spas became a popular place for self-care and it wasn’t until then that people started to really look into body wraps. As time went on, new materials were used and people began marketing the treatment for physical improvements like inch loss and cellulite reduction. This is when luxury blends like seaweed, chocolate, or mineral-rich formulas were introduced.

The Present: Now they are a staple service found in spas all around the world. Treatments can be customized based on client’s needs or wants by targeting concerns such as skin tightening or hydration preferences. Adding aromatherapy and thermal therapy into the mix enhances relaxation in both mind and body.

Knowing how these treatments evolved over time benefits both therapists as well as clients themselves. It shows how timeless this form of therapy is which even when marketing it towards customers who love everything holistic about beauty and health

Course Details
Course Date
1 DAY COURSE - (Fri 28th Jun) - 10am to 5pm, 1 DAY COURSE - (Tue 06th Aug) - 10am to 5pm
Course Location
SurePass Beauty Academy - Norwich
Course Duration
1 Day
Course Accreditor
ABT – Associated Beauty Training, SurePass Accredited
Entry Requirements
No previous experience is required
Kit Requirements
Products & equipment are supplied
Model Requirements
Students will work on training heads
Course Accreditation
Abt Associated Beauty Training
Surepass Accredited

Additional information

Course Date

1 DAY COURSE – (Fri 28th Jun) – 10am to 5pm, 1 DAY COURSE – (Tue 06th Aug) – 10am to 5pm

Course Location

SurePass Beauty Academy – Norwich

Course Duration

1 Day

Course Accreditor

ABT – Associated Beauty Training, SurePass Accredited



Entry Requirements

No previous experience is required

Kit Requirements

Products & equipment are supplied

Model Requirements

Students will work on training heads

Body Wraps Course Reviews
4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 35 reviews)
Very good9%

Really enjoyed using products

26 January 2022

This was a nice mixture of practice and theory. Very informative course with a lovely helpful down to earth teacher. I really enjoyed using different products to see how they worked. Thank you rachel

Denise Savage

Very kind and helpful

26 January 2022

Rachel was very informative, very kind and helpful. Listened to everything we had to say and was lovely to have a laugh with. Thank you

Rebecca Gill

Really happy am I.

29 July 2021

I am really happy.

Irina Griaznova

Great course and tuition

23 July 2021

Great course and tuition, was great to be able to see and test different products.

Charlene Angel_Trueman

Great hands on experience

23 July 2021

The course was lovely, it was great to get hands on with the different mediums for doing wraps and to experience the treatment first hand

Claire Collis

Really enjoyed it.

20 April 2021

Lovely course. I really enjoyed it. Amanda was a great teacher as always!

Rachel Williams