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HOPI Ear Candeling Training Course



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Hopi Ear Candling - Thermal-Auricular Therapy Course

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Hopi Ear Candling - Thermal-Auricular Therapy Course Information

Ear candling, also called ear coning or thermal-auricular therapy.  During this intense course you will also learn a facial massage routine to compliment the candling therapy.

Give your clients a luxurious holistic ear candling treatment that creates the ultimate calm and is also known for its therapeutic, alternative medicine therapy. Relieves tension, stress, great for relieving after effects of the common cold symptoms, blocked ears and even works well before taking a flight for your holidays. We run unbranded courses which means you can go on to use your choice or products!

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Hopi Ear Candling is a non-invasive therapy offering an alternative to conventional treatment such as ear syringing or grommets and is ideal for symptoms of sinus problems.  During this intensive training course you will also learn a facial massage routine to compliment the candling therapy.

You will complete home study of anatomy and physiology and during your training you will focus on the practical treatment.


Ear Candles are a relaxing, gentle treatment. The results can be powerful and work on a spiritual level too. The Hopi Indians are a North American Indian Tribe who still exist today. They have a great respect for Mother Earth and believe in thanking her for all she provides and try not to waste.


Ear Candling is a ceremonial practice to make peace with the spirit world and so clients can feel peaceful and moved emotionally when having a treatment. In the UK however it has added aromatherapy ingredients to make it more like a natural ear syringing treatment without the harsh side effects.


It can be very soothing for conditions like headaches, earache, sinusitis and flu/cold congestion… in fact any symptoms of sinus problems.


For most clients they experience relief of nasal passages, a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Post Flying/diving pressure can also be improved as it is due to unequal pressure that develops on either side of the eardrum. Compacted or excessive ear wax can often soften and loosen after the treatment, so that it falls out easily without the need for syringing.

You will learn how to complete this treatment for your clients with them wanting to come back again for more...


This course is made up of both theory and practical based training and as we want you to be fully competent as well as confident in your new skill, on completion of the training course you will be required to build a portfolio of practice case study evidence to demonstrate your competence, upon completion you will be issued with a professionally recognised accredited diploma certificate.  This certificate will enable you to gain insurance with ABT, enabling you to work professionally.

So line those family and friends up and get ready to start !  


✔️ Fully accredited training
✔️ Professionally recognised for insurance
✔️ Certificate on competant completion of portfolio evidence for this course. (case studies required)
You will learn:
☑️ Health & Safety Protocols & Industry Standards
☑️ Clinical Hygiene
☑️ Social Media & Marketing Tips
☑️ Contraindications
☑️ Consultations
☑️ Tools & Equipment
☑️ Anatomy & Pysiology
☑️ Practical including Facial Massage
☑️ Aftercare



Course Information

Course Length: Half Day
Qualification SurePass Beauty Diploma
Course Accredited By ABT - Associated Beauty Therapists
Entry Requirements: No previous experience is required to attend this course
Model Requirements: No: Students work on each other
Kit Included: Products & equipment will be available to use on the day

Customer Reviews

Review by Ruby
Course Rating
Really enjoyed and feel comfortable doing treatment now and felt very supported throughout. (Posted on 21/04/2023)
Review by Jemma Briggs
Course Rating
I found today really informative and i really like the teaching methods. I enjoy coming so thankyou. (Posted on 21/04/2023)
Review by Lindsay Knights
Course Rating
Great course, very relaxing, lovely teacher, very informative. (Posted on 21/04/2023)
Review by Leanne Whitbread
Course Rating
Great course, lovely trainer cant wait to do the treatment. Thank you (Posted on 03/03/2023)
Review by Antonia Newell
Course Rating
Very informative course, learning feeling confident in the treatment. (Posted on 03/03/2023)
Review by Gemma Goodwin
Course Rating
Great course. Cant wait to get it started. (Posted on 27/01/2023)
Review by Mivhele Cutting
Course Rating
Easy to learn and understand, environment was open and friendly. (Posted on 21/10/2022)
Review by Tracy Clarke
Course Rating
Really enjoyed the course, and found it very interesting and informativel. (Posted on 21/10/2022)
Review by Jade Webb
Course Rating
I thought it was going to be hard but it wasn't and it was nice and relaxing. (Posted on 21/10/2022)
Review by Sam Elvin
Course Rating
Absolutely loved this course, well taught and explained Vicky was amazing. Thank you so much (Posted on 01/07/2022)
Review by Emma Delaney
Course Rating
Vicky is the best. (Posted on 10/05/2022)
Review by Rosie Hill
Course Rating
Very informative and interesting Vicky is so lovely and knowledgeable. Thank you (Posted on 10/05/2022)
Review by Melissa Olias
Course Rating
Really enjoyed this course. Wasnt sure if i would. Excellent tutor as always. (Posted on 10/05/2022)
Review by Tina Lacey
Course Rating
Great as usual. (Posted on 10/05/2022)
Review by kerry usher
Course Rating
Absolutly loved it, great trainer explained everything really well. (Posted on 02/12/2021)
Review by Stacey Goffin
Course Rating
Really lovely relaxing course to do, really enjoyed it. (Posted on 02/12/2021)
Review by Joanne Edwards
Course Rating
I thoroughly enjoyed today. Vicky, you're a star and made the day fun and relaxing. Thank you (Posted on 02/12/2021)
Review by Emma Wright
Course Rating
Very informative teaching great demonstrating. Really enjoyed the treatment myself. (Posted on 26/10/2021)
Review by Rachel Williams
Course Rating
Lovely course. Karen was a great teacher. I really enjoyed how relaxing this treatment is. (Posted on 03/08/2021)
Review by Sophie
Course Rating
Fab course. Would highly recommend. (Posted on 20/04/2021)
Review by Anon
Course Rating
:) (Posted on 20/04/2021)
Review by Maxine
Course Rating
Nice relaxed environment. (Posted on 20/04/2021)
Review by Regina Mansell
Course Rating
Course was very interesting. Looking forward to attend the massage course. (Posted on 16/10/2020)
Review by Stella Willimott
Course Rating
Very helpful & informative with Vicky who was very patient with me. Felt very confident afterwards & looking forward to carrying out case studies & treatments. (Posted on 16/10/2020)
Review by Donna Roper
Course Rating
Really enjoyable and informative. Felt very safe (C-19). Thank you. (Posted on 16/10/2020)
Review by Alyss
Course Rating
Fab class. Vicky was amazing as always. (Posted on 21/08/2020)
Review by Nicola
Course Rating
The course was very thorough and informative. The tutor was friendly, knowledgeable and listened to any concerns. Answered all questions and accommodated my disabilities very well. (Posted on 20/07/2020)
Review by Kelly
Course Rating
Fab course! Really enjoyed it and very interesting & informative. (Posted on 13/03/2020)
Review by David
Course Rating
Excellent! Learnt quite a lot. (Posted on 28/02/2020)
Review by Jean
Course Rating
Amanda explained in a way that was easy to understand. Picked up a lot. (Posted on 28/02/2020)
Review by Clare Gunns
Course Rating
Loved it - thanks! (Posted on 20/11/2019)
Review by Caroline Hardy
Course Rating
Loved it! Thank you :) (Posted on 20/11/2019)
Review by Val Short
Course Rating
Fabulous course, very informative. Kirsty was lovely. (Posted on 20/11/2019)
Review by Jacquie Teakle
Course Rating
A good beginning. Very well explained and described. (Posted on 20/11/2019)
Review by Linda Acosta
Course Rating
Vicky thank you for this time. I am very happy with this new skill ! (Posted on 31/10/2019)
Review by Melanie Cook
Course Rating
Informative and fun course. Many thanks. (Posted on 31/10/2019)
Review by Sarah Loose
Course Rating
Great Class (Posted on 31/10/2019)
Review by Nichole Brandish
Course Rating
Loved it! (Posted on 31/10/2019)
Review by Claire Graham-Lock
Course Rating
Fantastic course. Vicky was brilliant (Posted on 31/10/2019)
Review by Hollie Miller
Course Rating
The course was informative and has given me the skills and confidence to carry out the treatment. Loved it! (Posted on 31/10/2019)
Review by margaret Oaks
Course Rating
Very interesting, had great training very detailed and found out lots I did not know. Was great. Thank you (Posted on 23/09/2019)
Review by Jaymin Waterhouse
Course Rating
Very well taught and relaxing course. Janice was a very clear teacher. (Posted on 24/04/2019)
Review by Kelly Reynolds
Course Rating
It was a lovely course, Janice was very clear and precise and a pleasure to work with. Thank you ! Loved it. (Posted on 24/04/2019)
Review by Liz Grey
Course Rating
Great morning. Claire is a great teacher. Really relaxing. (Posted on 12/02/2019)
Review by Kay Oxford
Course Rating
Lovely course, well informed & helpful. Amanda made sure we were all getting it right. she has a lovely calm manner (Posted on 30/10/2018)
Review by Stephanie Rose
Course Rating
Very informative. Friendly tutor and surrounding. Thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommended. (Posted on 30/10/2018)
Review by Charlotte Rose
Course Rating
Very helpful & knowledgeable. Great knowledge of A&P incorporated into lesson, highly recommended. (Posted on 30/10/2018)
Review by Tracey Exton
Course Rating
Another excellent training session with Amanda/Claire. training has always been fun, whatever course you attend (Posted on 23/08/2018)
Review by Amber Lawrence
Course Rating
Fab as always, thanks x (Posted on 23/08/2018)
Review by Emma Eversden
Course Rating
Well presented, nice sized group. Good coursework & handouts (Posted on 23/08/2018)
Review by Magaku Da Silva
Course Rating
Enjoyed the course. Teacher was very helpful, explained everything carefully and clearly (Posted on 23/08/2018)
Review by Rachael Overton
Course Rating
Very informative. Learnt a lot (Posted on 23/08/2018)
Review by Kerry Overton
Course Rating
. (Posted on 23/08/2018)
Review by Joanna Waterfield
Course Rating
Claire was great, I really enjoyed the course. (Posted on 14/03/2018)
Review by Tracey Deakin
Course Rating
. (Posted on 14/03/2018)
Review by Heather Taylor
Course Rating
Very informative, relaxing course to do! I feel very confident to carry out the treatment on my clients. (Posted on 14/03/2018)
Review by Natalie Porter
Course Rating
Very informative course. I feel completely satisfied I have the practical knowledge to complete the therapy and the academic research to complete at home. (Posted on 03/01/2018)
Review by Lisa Starr
Course Rating
Excellent course, very comprehensive tutor. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Would definitely be doing future courses. (Posted on 01/11/2017)
Review by Hannah Revell
Course Rating
I have found this course really enjoyable and easy to learn. (Posted on 01/11/2017)
Review by Hayley Snailum
Course Rating
Really good course, lots of detail and information along with a good practical session.
Lovely Tutor! (Posted on 26/09/2017)
Review by Sarah Lockyer
Course Rating
. (Posted on 26/09/2017)
Review by Hazel Cresswell
Course Rating
Would like more time to practice (Posted on 26/09/2017)
Review by Martin Corker
Course Rating
Very informative course (Posted on 26/09/2017)
Review by anon
Course Rating
Great course, learned lots, great tutor (Posted on 30/05/2017)
Review by anon
Course Rating
Great course, learned lots, great tutor (Posted on 30/05/2017)
Review by Jenna Waters
Course Rating
Learnt a lot, love the course (Posted on 30/05/2017)
Review by Debbie
Course Rating
Really good course - Thank you Amanda. (Posted on 03/01/2017)
Review by Jasmine Skitmore
Course Rating
Very friendly and helpful Tutor. Course was very enjoyable. (Posted on 03/01/2017)
Review by Trudy Minns
Course Rating
An excellent course.Thank you. (Posted on 03/01/2017)
Review by Elaine Brown
Course Rating
Very informative, very interesting, relaxed atmosphere, enjoyed it very much. Amanda was very helpful and very patient. Very good. (Posted on 03/01/2017)
Review by Marta Seabra
Course Rating
Easy to understand all material and techniques. Amanda is very friendly and knowledgeable, therefore a good environment to learn and interact. Thank you. (Posted on 03/01/2017)
Review by Megan
Course Rating
Very happy with course, learning facial routine. Very helpful tutor. (Posted on 26/09/2016)
Review by Christina Horrocks
Course Rating
Friendly, helpful teacher. (Posted on 26/09/2016)
Review by Tracy Coombes
Course Rating
Enjoyed the course, instructor was informative, polite & helpful. (Posted on 26/09/2016)
Review by Alice Greenaway
Course Rating
The course teacher was very lovely. Explained everything well, very easy to follow. (Posted on 26/09/2016)
Review by Megan Delaney
Course Rating
Very helpful tutor, answered all questions about course with products. (Posted on 05/08/2016)
Review by Natalie Randle
Course Rating
The course was great, and the tutor was lovely. The small group felt very personal so i feel i have learnt everything in more depth. The course material to do at home is a brilliant way to keep learning more and to help recap on things i have trained on many years ago. (Posted on 30/06/2016)
Review by Sally Wright
Course Rating
I really enjoyed it - Danielle was brilliant.
I am coming back for indian head massage. (Posted on 30/06/2016)
Review by Julie Wooberry
Course Rating
An enjoyable course, really informative. Great training - Danielle is an excellent tutor. (Posted on 30/06/2016)
Review by Jane Aldred
Course Rating
I loved the course, very relaxing, great tutor, Thank you. (Posted on 28/04/2016)
Review by Amy Aldred
Course Rating
Very good lesson thank you. (Posted on 28/04/2016)
Review by Sylvia Dady
Course Rating
I loved the course, quick and direct. Friendly tutor very easy to approach. (Posted on 28/04/2016)
Review by Teresa Edwards
Course Rating
Great course, Great training, friendly tutor, Thank you (Posted on 29/02/2016)
Review by Holly Martin
Course Rating
Very good info and detailed course. lovely teacher. (Posted on 29/02/2016)
Review by Jhelisa Sheen
Course Rating
Really Great, informative day! leaving feeling confident Thank you! (Posted on 29/02/2016)
Review by Kylie McTaggart
Course Rating
Very informative , clear information and the massage techniques included were very easy to follow. (Posted on 05/02/2016)
Review by Jilly
Course Rating
Excellent course. knowledge able, interesting and fun Thank you. (Posted on 01/12/2015)
Review by Nicola Brown
Course Rating
Good informative course, going through the procedure step by step with clients and giving it a go ourselves really good practice. (Posted on 01/12/2015)
Review by Michelle Goulding
Course Rating
Lovely course terrific Teacher Kirsty!. It felt wonderful having the treatment, felt strange hearing the crackling.
It was interesting to see the result after the candle was removed and extinguished. (Posted on 01/12/2015)
Review by Kirsty Bradford
Course Rating
Couldnt of asked for better.
Second time here and i will be back again. (Posted on 09/11/2015)
Review by Anonymos
Course Rating
Very good clear info, friendly polite teacher, Helpfull, easy way showing treatment. (Posted on 09/11/2015)
Review by Gemma Williams
Course Rating
Very relaxed enviroment, course informative with just the right information not to be too much. Friendlt instructor. looking forward to doing more courses. (Posted on 09/11/2015)
Review by Julia Gritton
Course Rating
Very enjoyable and informative. Kirsty puts all her students at ease and gave us all the confidence to complete the treatment. (Posted on 09/11/2015)
Review by Zara Lister
Course Rating
Very good nice and relaxing class. Very patient, answerd all questions. (Posted on 21/10/2015)
Review by Jemma Youngs
Course Rating
I learnt lots, No complaints. (Posted on 21/10/2015)
Review by Sharon Golding
Course Rating
Very enjoyable treatment. Well explained and clear instrutions.
Will be recommending. (Posted on 21/10/2015)
Review by Rachel Tomlinson
Course Rating
Great, informative friendly tutor. I learnt a lot.
Ill be coming back to do plenty more courses. (Posted on 21/10/2015)
Review by Emma Townsin
Course Rating
Krsty is an excellent trainer, so well explained. (Posted on 28/09/2015)
Review by Verity McGlashen
Course Rating
Really great having it completed on me and then completing a treament myself, Good instructions and background to ear candling. (Posted on 17/08/2015)
Review by Anonymous
Course Rating
Very relaxing, love the way the products not pushed on you and you are told to look up on internet to see which suits you and your needs. (Posted on 17/08/2015)
Review by Natasha Taylor
Course Rating
Very relaxing treatment and well explained. (Posted on 17/08/2015)
Review by Rebecca Cooper
Course Rating
Very relaxing treatment to do and have done.
The tutor was clear and very knowledgeable on the subject.
Thank you. (Posted on 08/06/2015)
Review by Charlotte Lawn
Course Rating
Very easy course and very nice tutor. (Posted on 08/06/2015)
Review by Ayesha
Course Rating
Good tuition, simple treatment feel very confident to go and practice- cant wait! (Posted on 01/06/2015)
Review by Nicola Christie
Course Rating
Simple but excellent and definetly recommend. Would of been good to learn the neck massage/ear to go with it. (Posted on 01/06/2015)
Review by Lisa Hardy
Course Rating
Warm and comfortable surroundings friendly tutor.
Good pre-course study Recommended (Posted on 01/06/2015)
Review by Michelle Hocham
Course Rating
Very good , lots of information would come back again. (Posted on 18/05/2015)
Review by Karen Beech
Course Rating
Very good really enjoyed course (Posted on 04/05/2015)
Review by sharon dack
Course Rating
This course was amazing!
Loved doing it and having the treatment, lovely friendly helpfull tutor (kirsty) (Posted on 04/05/2015)
Review by Amanda Abrahams
Course Rating
Had a fantastic morning, realy enjoyed the course, very informal and a lovely bunch of ladies.
Thank you and i am looking forward to the next course. (Posted on 04/05/2015)
Review by Sallyanne Marshall
Course Rating
Most Enjoyable!
loved the relaxed,informal,freindly atmosphere.
Would love to attend further courses. (Posted on 04/05/2015)
Review by angie Oconner
Course Rating
A great day of training today.
All aspects explained thoughly with oppitunity to ask as many questions as you like,
Jo was very professional and friendly. (Posted on 04/05/2015)
Review by gemma richardson
Course Rating
I really enjoyed todays courses, the trainer jo was very helpful ,
I would definatly recomend and come back for other courses (Posted on 04/05/2015)
Review by Louise Francomb
Course Rating
Very good course. Thanks cheryl (Posted on 22/01/2015)
Review by Julie Gritton
Course Rating
Very enjoyable and informative. Kirsty puts all her strudents at ease and gave us all the confidence to complete the treatment (Posted on 07/12/2014)
Review by Gemma Williams
Course Rating
Course informative with just right amount of information - not too much,
Friendly instructor, looking forward to doing more courses. (Posted on 07/12/2014)
Review by Rozalynne Freeman-Hooper
Course Rating
Very good clear info
Friendly polite teacher
Easy to understand booklets
(Posted on 07/12/2014)
Review by Kirsty Bradford
Course Rating
Great, fab teacher. Couldn't have asked for better. Second time here and will be back for more (Posted on 07/12/2014)
Review by Leah Whiteland
Course Rating
Friendly welcome as soon as you arrive, comfortable environment. The treatment was explained thoroughly and great to enjoy too!
Small groups so its east to ask questions and clear to understand. Highly recommended and will definitely use again! (Posted on 06/07/2014)
Review by Samantha Hayward
Course Rating
Very relaxing treatment, great tutor (Kirsty). Left feeling confident in being able to perform the treatment !
Look forward to next course. Thanks x (Posted on 06/07/2014)
Review by Amy Evans
Course Rating
Everyone was friendly and the information given thorough. I feel confident to do my case studies straight away. Will definitely be back to do more. (Posted on 06/07/2014)
Review by Danielle Turrell
Course Rating
I found this training very useful. You learn a lot from the tutor. Kirsty was lovely very friendly, its very relaxing to do and receive as well. i look forward to doing my next course. (Posted on 06/07/2014)
Review by Sarah Wells
Course Rating
Training was very professional and friendly. Kirsty made us feel very comfortable and relaxed, will definitely be booking further courses. (Posted on 06/07/2014)
Review by Elizabeth Cater
Course Rating
Very well explained - lovely treatment. Cheryl is fantastic as always (Posted on 06/02/2014)
Review by Melanie Bishop
Course Rating
Really good practical, much better working on eachother than trying to find models. Made to feel very welcome and comfortable.

Thank you ! (Posted on 06/02/2014)
Review by Natalie Raynor
Course Rating
Clear and easy to understand. Quick and a great course. (Posted on 07/10/2013)
Review by Briana Youngs
Course Rating
Great course, lovely tutor and easy step by step instructions (Posted on 07/10/2013)
Review by Keziah Lipshaw
Course Rating
Tutor was lovely and explained process in details and was thorough in that we understand the process (Posted on 07/10/2013)

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