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Rated 4.95 out of 5 stars. Based on 6683 Reviews

. by Alison Butcher on 20/5/2022

Excellent! Thank you brilliant.

. by Nicola Bretton on 20/5/2022

Thank you for the 2 day course. all understood and happy with the course.

. by Poppy Woodgate on 20/5/2022

Really enjoyed the course! Suzie was very helpful and patient.

. by Jin Adams on 20/5/2022

enjoyable experience. Suzie was very helpful friendly and amazing.

. by idalina abreu on 20/5/2022


. by Jessica Abreu on 20/5/2022

amazing, clear and straightforward.

. by Adriana Gabor on 20/5/2022

Suzie was very helpful and friendly, she explained every step very well.

. by Joy Phipps on 20/5/2022

Very happy with my course, possibly some more styles?

. by Sarah on 20/5/2022

Happy with todays course, very useful

. by Michelle Green on 18/5/2022

Great course, really helpful and friendly. It was amazing to be able to handle the equipment and see the different products etc. Kirsty was really lovely and friendly too.

. by Stacey Lambert on 18/5/2022

Very laid back course, Kirsty was very helpful. Ive enjoyed all of my courses at surepass very much.

. by Hayley Snailum on 18/5/2022

Lots of lovely vintage styles shown, hands on showing all the different styles and lots of fun! thank you Louise for all the handy tips and being thorough throughout. Lovey day.

. by Mel Thomson on 18/5/2022

Fascinating course. Louise was very knowledgeable and took us through step by step which was amazing. Really enjoyed and learned so much. Thank you

. by Holly Mortimer on 18/5/2022

Vicky was great. Very helpful and kind. Enjoyable course.

. by sam carton on 18/5/2022

Wonderful two days, full on information. Vicky was very knowledgeable and a joy.

. by Ottile Nichols on 18/5/2022

Very thorough and enjoyable friendly and approachable.

. by Claire Thorpe on 18/5/2022

Really love the two day course. Will be back to do more.

. by Clair Ling on 18/5/2022

Came back for a refresher as i felt doing them at home i wasn't confident enough but having Suzie reassured me. Gave me the confidence i needed to go do it alone again.

. by Stacey Lambert on 18/5/2022

Suzie was very thorough, very polite, extremely helpful and was there when i needed her. Thank you.

. by Lauren Taylor on 18/5/2022

Very informative and thorough but also relaxed and put me at ease. Thank you. Will be booking more courses.

. by Charlotte Stevens on 18/5/2022

Day 1 had a rocky start and was contemplating not coming back, then Claudia arrived! Claudia is a fantastic tutor and a real ambassador for SurePass. I am a complete beginner and have a long way to go but i feel confident i can get there with the excellent tutoring she provided.

. by Hannah Wright on 18/5/2022

Day 1 did not feel clear. Day 2 & 3 felt more relaxed, demonstrations were clear and i felt able to ask questions which were answered clearly.

. by Hayley Snailum on 17/5/2022

Claudia is amazing! I have learnt so much more to techniques. She explains everything so well and in detail. Her patience is second to none! So helpful and given more confidence with my hairdressing. Thank you so much.

. by Claudia on 17/5/2022

Amazing! Learnt alot Suzie was very helpful, and patient. Very east to understand.

. by Stacey Lambert on 17/5/2022

Suzie was once again very helpful and reassuring and helped me to learn days course completely.

. by Jemma Briggs on 17/5/2022

Lovely training day, really knowledgeable and happy to help. I found it very thorough lots of good tips and tricks.

. by Lily Cless on 17/5/2022

Suzy was very informative, friendly and easy to talk to she answered any of my questions and i felt like i learned everything i needed to. Will be back for more courses in the future.

. by Rhianna on 17/5/2022

Lovely lady, really knowledgeable, really helped me feel confident.

. by Emma Kelper on 17/5/2022

Very good, great training.

. by Roxie Topley on 17/5/2022

Great course, really informative. Enjoyed it to, teacher was great, highly recommend.

Surepass Beauty Academy is ranked 4.95 out of 5. Based on 6683 user reviews.