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Rated 4.95 out of 5 stars. Based on 4187 Reviews

. by Hannah E on 19/8/2019

Such an amazing course! Learnt a lot and Amanda was lovely and friendly. Thank you.

. by Henrietta on 19/8/2019

Really enjoyed it. Well explained. Course tutor - Amanda , was lovely. Had a great time.

. by ANON on 19/8/2019

Friendly fun and informative course. I particularly liked the small class.. Everyone's questions were answered.

. by Grania Scales on 19/8/2019

I learned how to put makeup on with skill, the Tutor - Amanda, was very on point and knew her stuff. She helped me in a relaxed way. I am very happy with what i learnt.

. by Abbie Liffen on 19/8/2019

Very happy with todays course.

. by Katy L on 19/8/2019

very in depth. useful information. Vicky was very friendly.

. by Sophie Harcourt on 19/8/2019

Really enjoyed today's course. learnt so much and now looking forwards to putting the learning to good use.

. by Anon on 19/8/2019

Really enjoyed , a very informative course, feel confident about my abilities.

. by Michelle P on 19/8/2019

really enjoyed very informative. Feel confident about my abilities.

. by Viktorija on 19/8/2019

Instructor Amanda was really friendly, polite, giving a lot of advice.

. by Anon on 19/8/2019

Amanda was professional, thorough, patient and understanding. thank you so much.

. by Imogen Kemp on 19/8/2019

Amanda was excellent.

. by Anon on 19/8/2019

Super informative course. Didn't think i could learn so much in the short time. Having a very small class size was helpful as you could always access 1:1 help.

. by Sam Scott on 19/8/2019

very clear instructions, friendly environment.

. by Anon. on 19/8/2019

very good course. I learnt a lot and came away feeling confident even though i have never cut hair before! thanks Vicky.

. by Anon on 19/8/2019

Done this course after the refresher hair cutting course. Basic cutting insight into barbering. Got my confidence back after not doing hairdressing for over 14 years! thank you Vicky!

. by Mandy Young on 19/8/2019

Kirsty is an excellent teacher, I would definitely come back!

. by Mandy Marler on 19/8/2019

Lovely class and lots of info. there was plenty of time to ask questions and review anything. Vicky was a great Tutor.

. by Sharni Poyntz on 19/8/2019

this course was great fun. I feel very confident going away and buying products and carrying out the service.

.. by Kelsey Rogers on 19/8/2019

very informative, very friendly, enjoyable.

. by Amy Turner on 19/8/2019

Fab tutor, really enjoyed the course.

. by Sarah Millard on 19/8/2019

great course, really friendly and enjoyable. learnt loads!

. by Sarah Millard on 19/8/2019

Great course. very informative.

. by Ellen Woodcock on 19/8/2019

Really good and informative class. Lots of support and advice given. delivered really well. like the small group size.

. by Kelsey Rogers on 19/8/2019

very informative, very friendly, learnt lots!

. by Sharni poyntz on 19/8/2019

Fab course - going away feeling confident in carrying out the service. Vicky was great - as usual.

. by Amy Turner on 19/8/2019

Fab Tutor, very helpful.

. by Mandy Marler on 19/8/2019

A very thorough class that covered everything, needed to do acrylics properly.

. by Ann Tamchen on 19/8/2019

A very full and productive day. A very nice teacher Amanda. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

. by Sharni Poyntz on 19/8/2019

Amazing course. the girls are fab and I always feel confident leaving and carrying out the treatments.

Surepass Beauty Academy is ranked 4.95 out of 5. Based on 4187 user reviews.