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Rated 4.95 out of 5 stars. Based on 5083 Reviews

. by Kelly on 12/8/2020

I feel very confident carrying out a pregnancy massage after today's course.

. by Pamela on 12/8/2020

Very nice course. I will definitely come back.

. by Tasmin on 12/8/2020

Great course and glad I came to do it!

. by Ashlie on 12/8/2020

Brilliant course. Amazing help.

. by Michelle Ludford on 12/8/2020

Very informative, great teacher. Left alone to practice, but tutor was there for help, guidance and tips.

. by Emma on 12/8/2020

Very well presented & very helpful. Will be coming back.

. by Emma on 12/8/2020

Great course, very informative. Can't wait to get practising.

. by Natasha on 10/8/2020


. by Anon on 10/8/2020

Chloe was very good and gave constructive feedback. Very easy to follow. Really enjoyed it!!

. by Lois on 10/8/2020

Really enjoyed the day. Chloe was great and felt like I learnt a lot too.

. by Christina on 10/8/2020

Lots of information to take in today. Really enjoyable!

. by Anon on 10/8/2020


. by Kylie on 10/8/2020

Perfect course. Done swedish massage so lots didn't need to go over again, as so much is the same.

. by Clare Gunns on 10/8/2020

Fab- as usual! Thanks very much!

. by Amy on 10/8/2020

Really enjoyed course. Learn a lot throughout!

. by Christina on 10/8/2020

Really enjoyed today, fast paced but clear concise instructions and Vicky was really helpful. Thank you!

. by Lois on 10/8/2020

Vicky was really informative, explained everything so well. Feel so much more confident in acrylics now. Really happy with the entire course.

. by Anon on 10/8/2020

Everything was perfect!

. by Georgiana on 10/8/2020

Vicky was very lovely, gave very constructive feedback and very easy to follow. Good knowledge and very keen on suggesting products and small tips for improving.

. by Anon on 10/8/2020

Really enjoyed today, learnt ombre and gained so many skills.

. by Anon on 06/8/2020

Very excited!

. by Karolina on 06/8/2020

Lovely tutor, very informative and didn't feel rushed.

. by Anon on 06/8/2020

Chloe was excellent today. Mentioned everything required especially being mindful of covid and when to sanitise! Very clear and confident- so pleased we were able to practise on each other! Thanks Chloe, another great class with SurePass!

. by anon on 06/8/2020

Really enjoyed the massaging

. by Lois on 06/8/2020

Course very informative, got on really well. Chloe was excellent at explaining and demonstrating. Also very welcoming.

. by Christina on 06/8/2020

Enjoyed the course, really informative and helpful tutor. Extra tips for when you start up your business were really useful too!

. by Maryam on 06/8/2020

Everything was perfectly explained and I enjoyed todays class.

. by Kara on 06/8/2020

Had a lovely time and will be doing more courses. Lovely staff.

. by Maryam on 06/8/2020

Everything was very perfect.

. by Lois on 06/8/2020

Really enjoyed the course. Had so much fun learning about the gel and Chloe was so informative about everything. Really happy with how the day went.

Surepass Beauty Academy is ranked 4.95 out of 5. Based on 5083 user reviews.