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Rated 4.95 out of 5 stars. Based on 4003 Reviews

. by Olga Kyriazopoulou on 12/4/2019

Excellent day, great procedure. Janice was very helpful and eager to help us. Great teacher

. by Megan Gould on 12/4/2019

Really pleased after my course! Was explained thoroughly and help was always available if I was unsure. Feeling confident to go away and practice

. by Tracey Leeder on 12/4/2019

Really helpful, explained everything very well. A lot to take in but all over a lovely day. Thank you so much

. by Anon on 12/4/2019

The course was very good and understand it. So easy to learn

. by Shannon Patmore on 12/4/2019

Absolutely loved this hair course. Really enjoyed it, I'm now leaving confident, would definitely recommend to others !

. by Tami White on 12/4/2019

Tutor very helpful, friendly and informative. Lots of info and equipment. I liked that it was mostly practical work. Thanks

. by Hollie Newstead on 12/4/2019

Learnt alot, feel like I can do them without a problem. Lovely lady who tutored us

. by Elaine Young on 12/4/2019

Very good, really understanding of the process. Really enjoyed

. by Tyler Stott on 12/4/2019

Absolutely amazing ! The staff here are so great and really thorough with any weaknesses. I've has the best 5 days learning and will definitely be back!

. by Emma Striven on 12/4/2019

Really friendly, relaxed but learnt alot. Have gained confidence

. by Angela Dawson on 12/4/2019

Absolutely enjoyed every min. Would recommend to everyone. Hats off to well explained teaching

. by Becky Appleby on 12/4/2019

Excellent course, both tutors very supportive and helpful

. by Laurel Eams on 12/4/2019

Lots to take in, need lots of practice. Thanks for all your help today ! Very informative!

. by TIna Tuck on 12/4/2019

Another excellent training day. Delivered really well. Good attention to detail. Lovely and friendly

. by Amy-Louise King on 11/4/2019

Excellent, very informative. Learnt lots. Tutor very patient with me!

. by Anon on 11/4/2019

Feel a lot happier, just got to do some

. by Tyler Stott on 11/4/2019

Half way through the day I was worrying thinking that I just wasn't going to be able to do it properly but by the end of the day my techniques was much better. Practice makes perfect.

. by Olga Kyriazopoulou on 11/4/2019

Great lesson, I enjoyed it, Claire is very helpful. Great teacher, full of energy and amazing

. by Victoria on 11/4/2019

Brilliant course. Very well explained by our tutor Claire. Good class size as only 3 students

. by Tyler Stott on 11/4/2019

Claire was amazing! Really informative and thorough. Honestly didn't think I would enjoy the course but I really did!

. by Angela Dawson on 11/4/2019

Thoroughly enjoyed, well explained. Cheerful tutor

. by Elaine Young on 11/4/2019

Great course, really informative, learnt a lot throughout the day ! Vicky was amazing and supportive. Thank you !

. by Laurel Eams on 11/4/2019

Amazing course! really informative and feel confident doing gel in future professionally! Thanks Vicky

. by Tyler Stott on 11/4/2019

Brilliant! Vicky was amazing. I had her as my model for the day which was so helpful! She was very thorough and reassuring. I look forward to coming back and learning with her again tomorrow

. by Tina Tuck on 11/4/2019

Well delivered and presented. Really enjoyed the day. Would highly recommend this course ti others

. by Debora Calae on 11/4/2019

Great !

. by Elaine Young on 11/4/2019

Very good, really enjoyed it

. by Jessica Barton on 11/4/2019

Feel a bit more confident and looking forward to practising

. by Emily Manlham on 11/4/2019

Very good course, plenty of information in the manual and given verbally. Janice is very helpful with practical help too. Lots of time per practical

. by Charlie Smith on 03/4/2019

Brilliant education, feeling very confident to take this back to salon.

Surepass Beauty Academy is ranked 4.95 out of 5. Based on 4003 user reviews.