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Rated 4.95 out of 5 stars. Based on 5335 Reviews

. by Michelle Ludford on 19/10/2020

Vicky was amazing, informative, helpful every step of the way. Each step was broken down and explained in detail, from massage, polish to paraffin wax treatment.

. by Anna Seabrook on 19/10/2020

Lovely! Really clear and felt reassured.

. by Sharon Saunders on 19/10/2020

Enjoyed my day. Vicky was very patient and made sure we understood what to do. Looking forward to coming back.

. by Anna Gomes on 19/10/2020

Wonderful teacher! The training can be more days.

. by Mariza on 19/10/2020

Very lovely Karen explained very well. Very enjoyable and I want to comeback and do some more courses with Karen.

. by Courtney on 19/10/2020

Great course! Shame its only 3 days. Karen was a great tutor! Very kind and patient, who also explained everything in depth.

. by Georgie Matthews on 19/10/2020

Really helped me to learn what I wanted in such a short space of time. Feel more confident in barbering than womens I've done for 2 years.

. by Georgie Matthews on 19/10/2020

Really helped me to learn what I wanted in such a short space of time. Feel more confident in barbering than womens I've done for 2 years.

. by Anon on 19/10/2020

Learnt what I needed to know.

. by Grace Walsh on 19/10/2020

Vicky is a fab teacher. Feel confident in using the nail drill & was on hand to answer any / every question.

. by Kay Willmott on 19/10/2020

I thoroughly enjoyed my training this week. Kirsty has been the perfect balance of being professional & knowledgeable but very laid back & made me feel very comfortable. I am very confident with what I have learnt!

. by Jenny on 16/10/2020

Excellent course, interactive & informative. Manage restrictions well ensure they did not impact learning.

. by Paula Ramos on 16/10/2020

I love that teacher. She teaches so good, I really enjoyed this course. I am happy. Thank you Kirsty.

. by Regina Mansell on 16/10/2020

Course was very interesting. Looking forward to attend the massage course.

. by Stella Willimott on 16/10/2020

Very helpful & informative with Vicky who was very patient with me. Felt very confident afterwards & looking forward to carrying out case studies & treatments.

. by Donna Roper on 16/10/2020

Really enjoyable and informative. Felt very safe (C-19). Thank you.

. by Emma Colk on 16/10/2020

Very organised and professional. Vicki was very welcoming and good with demos.

. by Josi Ransome on 16/10/2020

Really enjoyed the course. All questions answered and explained well. Really satisfied.

. by Anon on 16/10/2020

Thanks for the E-file course. It was nice to be here.

. by Anon on 16/10/2020

Thank you so much Vicky! Loved it!

. by Cheyanne on 16/10/2020

Good teacher, easy to follow.

. by Michelle Forshaw on 16/10/2020

Another great course. Thank you.

. by Emma Smith on 16/10/2020

Very good. Lots of info. Be back again soon.

. by Vicky Taylor on 16/10/2020

Very good and informative. Vicky is very friendly and helpful.

. by Courtney Yeomans on 16/10/2020

Very friendly and welcoming. Patient and thorough. Took time with me and happy.

. by Ariana Read on 12/10/2020

Course very well lead. Rachel was very helpful and encouraging.

. by Sharon Saunders on 12/10/2020

Kirsty was very helpful and explained things in a way I understood. I enjoyed my day.

. by Cydnee Brooker on 12/10/2020

Very helpful. Through social distancing there were two demos one group, one paired/solo which was really helpful. loads of information.

. by Ria on 12/10/2020

Good starter course to learn basics.

. by Rosie Bailey on 12/10/2020

Really good course! Easy to follow and Vicky was very friendly.

Surepass Beauty Academy is ranked 4.95 out of 5. Based on 5335 user reviews.