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Rated 4.95 out of 5 stars. Based on 3197 Reviews

. by Jenna Matthews on 23/4/2018

Very good course. 10/10. Very enjoyable day, learnt a lot. Can't wait to do my first manicure.

. by Rita Booker on 23/4/2018

Great course

. by Anon on 23/4/2018

Really enjoyed the course, trainer was very good. Thank you.

. by Anon on 23/4/2018

Course was very helpful, struggled with cold fusion but tutor was very helpful.

. by Justine Sullivan on 23/4/2018

Clear instruction, many thanks. Would have liked cutting on the course, however understand there is a separate course for this. Thank you. Good day.

. by Melanie Haynes on 23/4/2018

Really good, to the point and easy to learn.

. by Kelly Freeman on 23/4/2018

Had a great day, really enjoyed the course. Leaving feeling confident with everything I have learnt!

. by Nicola Wase on 23/4/2018

Great course! Really enjoyed it!

. by Sam King on 23/4/2018

Really good course. Informative. Would come back for another course.

. by Jess on 23/4/2018

Friendly, professional. Very helpful. Felt like I learnt all I needed to.

. by Tracey Brunson on 23/4/2018

Really good course, got the help I needed.

. by Tiffany Collins on 23/4/2018

Had a lovely day at the course, very informative and am leaving feeling very confident with what I've learned today.

. by Georgia Wells on 23/4/2018

I really enjoyed the course today as they are super in depth and I felt like we covered everything needed in one day.

. by Kay Newman on 23/4/2018

Very good course. Learnt so much. Thank you.

. by Amanda Zabergie on 23/4/2018

Really enjoyed the course today. Thank you.

. by Tom Simpson on 23/4/2018

A great course. Clear instruction with strong 1 to 1 support. A lot is covered in 2 days- but the essentials are repeated frequently, which is very useful. Thanks for a valuable experience.

. by Phil Smith on 23/4/2018

I felt this was a fantastic introduction to barbering with a knowledgeable and friendly instructor. Would certainly recommend - while there is a considerable learning curve, this was a hugely enjoyable couple of days.

. by Shannon Bouden on 23/4/2018

Thank you.

. by Tyler Brooks on 23/4/2018

I enjoyed the course. It was really helpful and Claire is a good teacher.

. by George Clark on 23/4/2018

Enjoyed the course and Claire was very patient and gave great constructive feedback that really helped. Great value for money. Disappointed to be told at the end of the course that we would have to send pictures to pass the course. Not that I mind at all but would be better to know what to expect. Other than that excellent course. Will recommend.

. by Georgina Alford on 23/4/2018

Very good. Thank you.

. by Janine Gilvet on 23/4/2018

Very good course

. by Kerri-Ann Richardson on 23/4/2018

Great course, really enjoyed.

. by Catherine Turner on 23/4/2018

Really informative, friendly staff. Learned lots! Many thanks.

. by Dave Sildown on 23/4/2018

A really informative and enjoyable course. Claire was very knowledgeable and took care to adjust and compliment students. Highly recommended, could have been a day longer to get the fifth star.

. by Louise Barry on 23/4/2018

The course was brilliant and very informative, tutor was great. I feel some of the products could be updated eg eyeshadow wasn't very pigmented. Overall amazing.

. by Tammy Braybrook on 23/4/2018

More products would be great, slightly better quality or give students the option to bring their own. Foundations were good.

. by E. Huggett on 23/4/2018

Very lovely and informative. BUT need better products eg eyeshadows , brow products etc.

. by Becky Elwood on 23/4/2018

Good course. Very good tutor. Nice and relaxed. Could do with better quality make up maybe.

. by Miriam Lake on 23/4/2018

Absoloutely amazing brilliant tutor, learned so much, Amanda is such a lovely person too, thank you so much.

Surepass Beauty Academy is ranked 4.95 out of 5. Based on 3197 user reviews.