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Rated 4.95 out of 5 stars. Based on 4956 Reviews

. by Zeliha on 23/3/2020

I enjoyed this a lot thank you!

. by Szidonia on 23/3/2020

Lyn and Chloe was amazing. I loved every moment

. by Anon on 23/3/2020

Really enjoyed and I can not wait to start training at home and get my case studies done.

. by Abi on 23/3/2020

Great in depth course with clear information and instructions. Clear demonstrations and guidance throughout!

. by Tess on 23/3/2020

I really enjoyed the acrylic course. I feel happy & confident to offer this treatment to clients. The training was very thorough & in depth.

. by Chloe on 23/3/2020

So much better this time round. Was able to do acrylics with less of a struggle and I love what I've accomplished.

. by Guler on 23/3/2020


. by Eleanor on 23/3/2020

Great course & full of info. Lucky as 1 to 1. Looking forward to booking my next one.

. by Kimberly on 23/3/2020

We really enjoyed learning luxury facial today as I've always had a passion for my skin. Thank you Amanda & Chloe.

. by Anon on 23/3/2020

Fab course. Really enjoyed the course. Thanks to both Amanda & Chloe.

. by Larissa on 23/3/2020

Enjoyed the day at SurePass. Everything was explained very well.

. by Mollie on 23/3/2020

Loved this course! Everything was explained clearly and the tutor was brilliant! Thank you!

. by Ellie on 23/3/2020

Really great course. I am now confident in this treatment and felt very comfortable.

. by Tracey on 23/3/2020

Fantastic content & delivery of the course. Case studies explained in full. Lovely enjoyable day.

. by Tiera on 23/3/2020

Lovely atmosphere, very welcoming. Great that it is so practical.

. by Tilly on 23/3/2020

So welcoming, clear on each task. Tutor was nice. Lovely small class which made it easier to feel like you could get on and not feel embarrassed.

. by Kayleigh on 23/3/2020

Very good and clear instructions. Friendly and approachable.

. by Jessica on 23/3/2020

Really enjoyed today. Tutors very friendly, honest and informative. Gave good advice and tips. I've come away feeling confident.

. by Julie on 23/3/2020

A great course, very informative tutor, easy steps to follow.

. by Laura on 23/3/2020

Excellent course, great delivery! Thoroughly enjoyed!

. by Abi on 23/3/2020

Amazing course, really informative and also relaxing. Everything well explained. Very enjoyable day.

. by Emma on 19/3/2020

Excellent instructions. Very informative with lots of practical.

. by Anon on 19/3/2020

Thank you!

. by Faye on 19/3/2020

Amazing! Lynn was so helpful. Couldn't of had anyone better!

. by Makbule on 19/3/2020

Love to be here! Thank you Lynn.

. by Guler on 19/3/2020


. by Anon on 19/3/2020

Very good

. by Nicola on 19/3/2020

Really great course. Chloe was really thorough and extremely helpful answering all questions and making it clear. Had a great day!

. by Rhianna on 19/3/2020

Really enjoyed the gel polish course. Very informative and helpful! Staff are all very good!

. by Shannon on 19/3/2020

Brilliant course. Chloe is fab!

Surepass Beauty Academy is ranked 4.95 out of 5. Based on 4956 user reviews.