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Rated 4.95 out of 5 stars. Based on 3692 Reviews

. by Tonya Doughty on 05/12/2018

Fantastic course, dealt with my anxiety brilliantly. Can't wait to book my next course

. by Steve on 05/12/2018

Very Good

. by Anon on 05/12/2018

Very good, learnt a lot

. by Cejay Underwood on 05/12/2018

Amazing course, amazing place to learn been a couple of times and highly recommend

. by Corianne Fountain on 05/12/2018

Friendly, easy to understand. Answered every question. Will be back for eyelash extensions

. by Maria on 05/12/2018

Small class so easier to learn. Confident to perform on clients.

. by Shannon Hollis on 05/12/2018

Amazing day, amazing tutor. I can now eyeshadow !!!

. by Anon on 05/12/2018

Very good course, very involved, very comfortable. I felt I learnt a lot

. by Margareta Balinit on 05/12/2018

Very useful coarse, all information given was put across well. Very friendly

. by Alexandra Jenkins on 28/11/2018

Perfect course, great tutor. The only thing i can think of is Kirsty is possibly doing a model for students, showing them the difference between practice skin and pinching and posture ect.. but that is not really necessary as she is great at explaining.

. by Sabrina Wones on 28/11/2018

Absolutely amazing. Kirsty was a really good teacher. Literally only criticism is maybe some small gloves.

. by Hayley Norton on 28/11/2018

I have really enjoyed the course, just need to practice. Many Thanks

. by Lynn on 28/11/2018

Very informative and friendly. Thank you.

. by Sophie on 28/11/2018

The tutor was very helpful and understanding. i left feeling confident and wanting to practice.

. by Anon on 28/11/2018

Excellent, very informative and caring way to learn, a new skill top marks

. by Tracy Exton on 28/11/2018

Another brilliant course. Enjoyable and taught at a level which is understandable for all students. Plenty of chance to ask questions and practice your skills.Another great teacher in Claire.

. by Jenna George on 28/11/2018

Absolutely lovely place and Tutors have been here before and will come again.

. by Mariana Ivamova on 28/11/2018

Very helpful, had some fun and the teacher is really nice.

. by Mathew Delvin on 28/11/2018

Great 2 day course all questions answered, I have a much better understanding to go and give it a go.

. by Katie Wyatt on 20/11/2018

Really enjoyable, feel confident.

. by Bozenka Tavner on 20/11/2018

Very informative and easy to listen to

. by Sophie Holmes on 20/11/2018

Very professional, understanding, helpful

. by Chelsea Goodrick on 20/11/2018

Brilliant course & brilliant tutor. Great info.

Excellent 2 days - Manicure & Pedicure by Finnulala Grey on 20/11/2018

Danielle was very good, friendly, informative & gave lots of encouragement!

Was an amazing day! by Kimberley Goodwin on 20/11/2018

Very relaxed and informative! Love it.

. by Laura Hall on 20/11/2018

Brilliant thank you !

. by Amy Pardon on 20/11/2018

Enjoyed, very well taught ! Would recommend.

. by Megan Gould on 20/11/2018

Very good course, lovely tutor, really enjoyed

. by Sharon Gould on 20/11/2018

Thank you!

. by Amy Pardon on 20/11/2018

Excellent day, easy going, patient, would recommend.

Surepass Beauty Academy is ranked 4.95 out of 5. Based on 3692 user reviews.