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Rated 4.95 out of 5 stars. Based on 4839 Reviews

. by Shannon on 28/2/2020

Really informative course! Very enjoyable treatment & outcomes!

. by Anon on 28/2/2020

Very informative. Thoroughly enjoyed.

. by Jess on 28/2/2020

Really enjoyed the course. Very informative and good teacher!

. by David on 28/2/2020

Excellent! Learnt quite a lot.

. by Jean on 28/2/2020

Amanda explained in a way that was easy to understand. Picked up a lot.

. by Jasmine on 28/2/2020

Hard but worth it. Tutor was lovely and very helpful! Would recommend!

. by Alyss on 28/2/2020

Fab class. Lots of help given!

. by Chloe on 28/2/2020

Really informative. Really enjoyed it!

. by Liveta on 28/2/2020

Fab course. Great trainer, easy to understand.

. by Jayde on 28/2/2020

Brilliant class. Made me feel so comfortable. Lots of help and tips were given!

. by Carmel on 28/2/2020

Lovely day - look forward to coming back!

. by Helen on 28/2/2020

Great day, great trainer!

. by Natalia on 28/2/2020

I have really enjoyed make-up course today. Very friendly atmosphere and helpful staff.

. by Madgenta on 28/2/2020

Interesting, helpful for when I do my own makeup.

. by Lynda on 28/2/2020

Very enjoyable day, friendly and helpful staff. Also very informative.

. by Leandra on 28/2/2020

Very informative course. Very friendly staff.

. by Beth on 24/2/2020

All fine!

. by Makbule on 24/2/2020

Very good and friendly place. Learnt everything I wanted. Thank you Lynn, you helped me a lot!

. by Lorna on 24/2/2020

The ladies here were very lovely. Would definitely come here again :)

. by Anon on 24/2/2020

Very helpful!

. by Lucia on 24/2/2020

Lovely tutors. Really informative and very reassuring if needing any extra help :)

. by Lorraine on 24/2/2020

Another great course!

. by Zeliha on 24/2/2020

Everything was good and I enjoyed the course. Also learnt more things. Thank you!

. by Carmel on 24/2/2020

Very enjoyable day. Look forward to the next one. Lovely staff!

. by Tess on 24/2/2020

Chloe was very thorough & went in-depth with the treatment and treatment options. I now feel very ready to perform this treatment on my own clients.

. by Anon on 24/2/2020

I was made to feel very comfortable throughout & was given clear demonstrations and support :)

. by Fran on 24/2/2020

Good course. Lots of practice needed!

. by Anon on 24/2/2020

Everything went well. I enjoyed it all. Thank you :)

. by Madgenta on 24/2/2020

Fun, painful and interesting

. by Lauren on 24/2/2020

Loved doing my course with Lynn. Such a lovely tutor. Covered everything and more! Very professional.

Surepass Beauty Academy is ranked 4.95 out of 5. Based on 4839 user reviews.